MaxstAR Native iOS  5.0.2
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CMasCameraDeviceMasCameraDevice class controls the camera device
 CMasGuideInfoMasGuideInfo class stores guide information concerning Object Tracker
 CMasMatrixUtilMasMatrixUtil class provide utility functions concerning matrix
 CMasMaxstARMasMaxstAR class handles the lifecycle of MAXST AR
 CMasSensorDeviceMasSensorDevice class controls the sensor device to obtain IMU data
 CMasTagAnchorMasTagAnchor class stores an anchor information
 CMasTrackableMasTrackable class contains the information of the tracked target
 CMasTrackedImageTrackedImage class stores the image data
 CMasTrackerManagerMasTrackerManager class controls trackers provided by MAXST AR
 CMasTrackingResultMasTrackingResult class stores the tracking result
 CMasTrackingStateMasTrackingState class stores the tracking information concerning the lastly processed frame